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2011 Winemakers Dinners-Dinner Info
  Dinner Name Date Venue
Brisani's At The Reef Dinner Wed Nov 16, 2011 Allamanda Estate, Beef Island
Brisani's At The Reef Dinner
Host : Alsha Halbert
Location1 : Prospect Reef, Tortola
Website :
Guest : 40
Featuring the wines of:

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Giorgio's Table Dinner Thu Nov 17, 2011 Allamanda Estate, Beef Island
Giorgio's Table Dinner
Host : Giorgio Paradisi
Location1 : Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
Website :
Guest : 50
Featuring the wines of:

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Allamanda Estate Dinner Fri Nov 18, 2011 Allamanda Estate, Beef Island
Allamanda Estate Dinner
Host : Allamanda Estate
Location1 : Beef Island
Website :
Guest : 30
Featuring the wines of:

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Marika Breeze Villa Dinner Sat Nov 19, 2011 Allamanda Estate, Beef Island
Marika Breeze Villa Dinner
Host : Rosemarie Flax
Location1 : Tortola
Guest : 50
Featuring the wines of:

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Oceans Seven Beach Club BBQ Sun Nov 20, 2011 Allamanda Estate, Beef Island
Oceans Seven Beach Club BBQ
Host : Oceans Seven Beach Club
Location1 : Peter Island
Website :
Guest : 80
Featuring the wines of:

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