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Virgin Gorda Charitable Company Ltd.

The Virgin Gorda Charitable Company Limited is the brainchild of Christina Yates, formed in 1998 and officially established in 2001,  "VGCL are about constructing facilities to help develop the young creative minds of Virgin Gorda and make them into proud productive citizens"


In keeping with Government’s Legislative Agenda to develop and promote recreational and national sports programmes in the Territory in order to foster national pride, It is anticipated this pool will be used to start a competitive swim program in the British Virgin Islands, as well as inter-Caribbean youth competition.  The pool will also be used by the community of Virgin Gorda for recreational swimming and Water Safety Training. 


Adjacent to the primary replicas de relojes espaƱa pool, there will be a smaller pool designed for handicap access and instruction for younger children. The facility will also have locker rooms, a grand stand and a state of the art timing system and scoreboard. 


Major funding for the VGCC will come from donations by expatriates homeowners, hoteliers, business owners and vacationers as a way of their giving back to the Virgin Gorda Community. The goal of the VGCC is to raise $500,000 annually to support youth programs for Virgin Gorda.

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